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Our tranquil hotel offers 10 spacious guest rooms including 4 balcony rooms. We are situated at the foot of the rain forest and the proprietor resides on the property.


Dominica Islands Recreation


We offer superb warm water snorkeling facilities, fresh water pools and beautiful sandy beaches.  We also have an impressive array of coral and fish for you view.



Sensational Scenery

The Dominca island is famous for its breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches. But the interior is rich in tropical  fauna and flora with dramatic landscapes and waterways



Natural sounds : You will hear the rustling of leaves on the trees, a river flowing nearby, fire flies in the dark, rainbows to the east in the mornings and to the west in the evenings. The balconies offer a serene atmosphere at night to view the clear skies full of stars.  You will enjoy snorkeling at champagne beach,  hikes to the boiling lake,  and many Islands sightseeing tours.


Dine on the balcony, the terrace, or indoors. We serve health conscious meals, daily home Creole cooking, most foods are organically grown on site. Lots of freshly made fruit juices, some you have never tasted before. Fresh teas can be made with herbs from the garden. We appreciate reservations for lunch and dinner.


That is why we enjoy such a great reputation with both business and leisure travelers. Business people appreciate the convenience and service, and family travelers love the breakfast, river, laundry facility, and in-room amenities. We are growing in what we can offer and additional locations are constantly being evaluated so that more and more travelers can enjoy our experience.


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